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Water Conservation Toilets 0.8 GPF

402.8 Installation. Fixtures shall be installed in accordance

with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

402.9 Design and Installation of Plumbing Fixtures.

Plumbing fixtures shall be installed in accordance with the

manufacturer’s installation instructions. The means of backflow

prevention shall not be compromised by the designated

fixture fitting mounting surface.

What is the GPM of your shower head?


Does your toilet have a Flapper or Pig Nose?


What do you call your toilet? Commode or Water Closet?

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Toilet 1.jpg
Toilet 3.jpg

Does your kitchen sink or lavatory faucet have one of these?


2021 OPSC

401.3 Water-Conserving Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings.

401.3.1 General. The maximum water consumption of

fixtures and fixture fittings in new buildings shall comply with the flow rates specified in Table 401.3

Table 401.3.png

608.5 Discharge Piping. The discharge piping serving a

temperature relief valve, pressure relief valve, or combination of

both shall have no valves, obstructions, or means of isolation

and be provided with the following: Reference 2021 OPSC


603.5.12 Beverage Dispensers. Potable water supply

to beverage dispensers, carbonated beverage dispensers,

or coffee machines shall be protected by an air

gap or a vented backflow preventer that complies with

ASSE 1022. For carbonated beverage dispensers, piping

material installed downstream of the backflow preventer

shall not be affected by carbon dioxide gas. Reference 2021 OPSC


603.5.16 Special Equipment. Portable cleaning

equipment and dental vacuum pumps shall be protected

from backflow by an air gap, an atmospheric vacuum

breaker, a spill-resistant vacuum breaker, or a reduced

pressure principle backflow preventer. Reference 2021 OPSC


603.5.6.3 Systems with Chemical Injectors.

Where systems include a chemical injector or provisions

for chemical injection, the potable water supply

shall be protected by a reduced-pressure principle

backflow prevention assembly (RP).


 104.1 Permits Required. It shall be unlawful for a person,

firm, or corporation to make an installation, alteration, repair,

replacement, or remodel a plumbing system regulated by this

code except as permitted in Section 104.2, OAR Chapter 918,

Division 100, and OAR 918-780-0035, or to cause the same

to be done without first obtaining a separate plumbing permit

for each separate building or structure.

What do you call the bathroom sink? Lavatory or Face Bowl?

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Sink 3.jpg
Sink 1.jpg
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Keep Your Journeyman Plumbers License Current,

Take Plumbing Continuing Education Classes

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